Calendar Drawings Complete!

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO BOUGHT CALENDARS! This was a GREAT fundraiser for the team because of all of YOUR participation.

At this point most prizes have been claimed, but please check the list below to see if perhaps you won and the prize crew was unable to reach you.

June 1 – Marita Lowell

June 2 – James Wilson

June 3 – Scott Shepard

June 4 – Steve Cabana

June 5 – Anne-Marie Johnson

June 6 – Apple Valley Campground

June 7 – Dana Howland

June 8 – Quinn Gardner

June 9 – Shaun Reehl

June 10 – Dusty Ryder (original winner) chose to have another winner drawn. Second winners- Michael and Lindsay Berube – chose to have the prize donated to the charity auction at Apple Valley Campground.

June 11 – Sheila Lafond

June 12 -Steve Cabana

June 13 – Bree Douglas

June 14 – Jan Ostrowski

June 15 – Kerry DeAngelis

June 16 – Bill Catanesye

June 17 – Elise Miller

June 18 – Shelly Catanseye

June 19 – Tracy Scully

June 20 – Dave Thibeault

June 21 – Suzanne Doyle

June 22 – Jan Ostrowski

June 23 – Bree Douglas

June 24 – Estelle Gore

June 25 – Barbara Horn

June 26 – Daicey Cookson

June 27 – Shelly Catanseye

June 28 – Paul Jackson

June 29 – Jake Farwell

June 30 – Rita Allison


Team Came, Saw and did well with challenges

The team placed well overall against the best in the world. This year they are in Division II, which is essentially the junior high school division because there are 6th graders on the team. Because of this they are competing against teams that are older and have more experience, but regardless they scored well, placing 31st while competing against 76 teams in the division. There were outmatched in some areas such as quality of props and skit, but a major contributing factor was balsa tower issues related to humidity. It was raining on competition day and water absorption contributed poor performance and scoring of their structure. But to be fair, other teams were facing the same issue with the humidity. The most weight held by any team in the division was 860 lbs. Normally at least one team achieves 1000 lbs or more.

Much more to come as soon as soon as we can get all the pictures and video collected…


All About the “Structure”

Loaded Towers
Left frame is a test tower, built and tested about a week before the 2019 Maine State Tournament. The right frame is at the 2019 Maine State Tournament. Yes, the tower is “hidden/blurred”.

Since this Acton team selected Odyssey of the Mind’s Problem 4, the structure problem, the team has been on a path of evolution to conquering the skills necessary to score well at the OM Tournaments. Although some of the team members have changed over the years and they’ve had frustrations along the way they have still stuck with this problem for the last 3 years. One of the things they’ve learned is building the test towers is important to test different designs to see which is the best, but the “sad” truth is a successful structure design always ends the same way – the “demise” of the 14.x gram structure as it gets crushed by hundreds of pounds of weight.

So before they even get to World Competition they have had to build several test structures and at least two competitive ones, one for the Regional tournament and one for the State tournament using lessons learned. The ability to rebuild the latest successful design is key.

Each year there is a different “twist” on Problem 4, that the teams are challenged with. This year the OM “problem makers” added a requirement to “toss” the structure over a barrier before weights are placed on it. The short problem description is:

Problem 4: Structure Toss 
Divisions I, II, III & IV
Step right up and put your structure to the test! Teams must strategize risk for points and “toss” their structures in this year’s problem-turned-carnival. They will use a device to propel the structure in a carnival game. If it travels in the air it gets higher score! Once the structure has been successfully tossed, it can be tested for strength. A carnival barker character will entice other characters to join the fun during a performance that incorporates testing the structure’s strength with creative games of skill and chance.

This “toss” requirement adds a new depth to the challenge, but so far so good! The structure held 585 lbs at the Maine State Tournament, the most weight held by any team in Maine, including the high school teams.

Please help us get to the World Tournament to show what a small town in Maine can do!