Competition Day 1

Here are some pictures uploaded Thursday, May 24. Thursday the team participated in the Spontaneous (short term) problem. They don’t know how well they did yet…and they are not allowed to talk about what the problem was. It’s a “trade secret”, not even the coaches know. The spontaneous problem tests the team’s ability to think on their feet and solve a problem they are presented with when they arrive in the room, unlike their long term problem which they have been working on since September.

They have not been able to spend much time with their international buddy team yet. The teams seem to have almost opposite schedules. Maybe they will be able to meet after Acton presents their long term performance to the judges on Friday.

Acton OM Goes to Iowa – Day 3

While passing though Ohio, another quick stop..

Marblehead Lighthouse – Lake Erie – Ohio

We give a special “Thank You” to the museum curator Dennis Kennedy who opened up the the Keeper’s house, Lifesaving Station and the rest of the grounds just for our visit!

Acton OM Goes to Iowa – Day 2

Passing through – Hershey, Pennsylvania

Don’t ask “What’s in Hershey..?”

Just look at the pictures..

And … They’re Off to Worlds …

This morning. Saturday May 19, 2018 at about 10:30 Acton’s Balsa Team left for World competition at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. They will do a bit of sightseeing on the trip out but are pretty much sticking to the most direct route with the expectation that they will arrive Tuesday. We will be posting updates as they make the trip so check back!

Leaving after picking up the rental cars and loading everone up
The Odyssey team, coaches and parents before leaving on the “odyssey” trip

Spaghetti, Meatballs and Money! Thank You Again!

Once again we thank everyone who came out to support the team at the Spaghetti supper tonight at Town Hall. The team collected $350.00 from the supper and $230.00 in additional donations! Not bad for a small town on a Friday night!

After the intense month of fundraising since April 7 too many people to name have given not just once but again in some cases again and again. Thank you so much for your support and generosity. This is the last major fundraising event before the team leaves in one week. Tomorrow some of the team’s props ship out for Iowa.

Buddy Team

The team has learned that their international “buddy” team is from Singapore. Many team members have been speculating about what the Singapore team members will be like and have done some research on customs that are important to their culture. They are very interested and a little bit nervous about meeting them. Read more about the Buddy Team program here.

Stay tuned to this site for more updates as the travelers launch their mission.

THANK YOU to NEAR-Fest and NE{T}2 Attendees

Acton OM’s Balsa team raised $1,214.00 on Friday and Saturday May 4 & 5 at the New England Tech Trek (NET{T}2) and New England Amateur Radio Festival (NEAR-Fest) at the Deerfield NH Fairgrounds in Deerfield NH. Assisting in this effort was a matching challenge where the NEAR-Fest management challenged the team by offering to match every dollar donated up to $500.00. The team was quite successful, raising almost enough money over the two days to maximize the matching offer before closing ceremonies on Saturday afternoon. During the closing ceremonies NEAR-Fest founder and “benevolent dictator” Michael Crestohl (commonly known as MrMike) brought the team on stage, introduced them and challenged the people in attendance at the closing ceremonies to help the team collect the remaining money needed to max out the matching funds. The people in attendance, Amateur “Ham” radio operators and other electronic enthusiasts immediately responded, adding $259.00 to the team’s collection canister in 10 minutes! This more than made up the amount needed to maximize the match. Thank you to everyone who donated!

The team was then asked to provide someone to draw the door prizes at the closing ceremonies. These prizes are a very popular attraction at NEAR-Fest, with the grand prize valued at about $1,100.00. Team member Nina assisted in the drawing. See pictures and video from the event below.

Team members getting set up at their table at NET{T}2
Team awaiting the counting of the donations at closing ceremonies and Grand Prize drawing
Thank you MrMike for helping maximize our donations!

Thanks for the Variety Show Support

Thank you to everyone who came out to the PTG Variety Show and to all of the individuals and businesses that contributed to the awesome selection of raffle prizes. For those of you who missed it the school and stage was dressed up beautifully for the event and it was a sight to see, see the picture below. Unfortunately we know many students and parents had conflicting events. The good news is the DVD of the show will be available soon, we’ll have a link shortly where you can order a copy.


Great Weekend of Fundraising!


This weekend’s fundraising from sales at the Transfer Station (and some at Town Hall thanks to Jen Roux) on Saturday and Sunday’s pancake breakfast totaled $841.00!

The team is right on track to meet their fundraising goal thanks to all of your support, but there is still a few more weeks of work to be done at the current pace. This coming weekend is the annual Acton PTG Variety show, Saturday. April 28 – 6:00PM at the school. The PTG has pledged their support for the OM team and the team will also be holding a bake sale during the show, so please come see the show and support this effort. If you haven’t seen the Variety show before it’s amazing how much talent Acton has.

There has also been a video produced that just came out today. This video will be used to seek contributions from area businesses. A version of the video has been circulated on Facebook and there will be a link from the web site soon.

In the meantime this coming week team members will be spending a fair amount of time working on props, fine tuning and practicing their skit and making their balsa tower even better, which is a requirement if they intend to do well against the World’s best teams.

Next Friday and Saturday the team members have been invited to participate in the inaugural New England Technology Trek (NETT) at the Deerfield NH Fairgrounds. This is an opportunity for the team to show off their accomplishments and do some additional fundraising. NETT is being held in conjunction with the New England Amateur Radio Festival (NEAR-Fest) during their spring hamfest on the Deerfield Fairgrounds. NEAR-Fest management has offered the Team a matching donation challenge, where for each dollar donated during the festival NEAR-Fest will match it. The NEAR-Fest staff feel it is likely that the Team could bring in over $1000.00, and maybe a great deal more.

NETT is open to the public and has FREE admission. Please stop by if you have the time. More information here.

Doughnuts Coffee Acton Transfer Station

Hello to all of Acton OM Superheroland!

PLEASE come out and support the Team’s fundraisers Saturday morning at the Transfer Station where those big yummy doughnuts and coffee will be on sale from 8AM to 12PM or when sold out. Last weekend the doughnuts disappeared quickly, so come early for the best selection. Thank you once again.

:: Team Fundraiser for OM Worlds :: Local morning coffee shop! ::


Coffee – $1.00
New England Bakery Doughnuts – $2.00 for whole/$1.00 for Half