Great Weekend of Fundraising!


This weekend’s fundraising from sales at the Transfer Station (and some at Town Hall thanks to Jen Roux) on Saturday and Sunday’s pancake breakfast totaled $841.00!

The team is right on track to meet their fundraising goal thanks to all of your support, but there is still a few more weeks of work to be done at the current pace. This coming weekend is the annual Acton PTG Variety show, Saturday. April 28 – 6:00PM at the school. The PTG has pledged their support for the OM team and the team will also be holding a bake sale during the show, so please come see the show and support this effort. If you haven’t seen the Variety show before it’s amazing how much talent Acton has.

There has also been a video produced that just came out today. This video will be used to seek contributions from area businesses. A version of the video has been circulated on Facebook and there will be a link from the web site soon.

In the meantime this coming week team members will be spending a fair amount of time working on props, fine tuning and practicing their skit and making their balsa tower even better, which is a requirement if they intend to do well against the World’s best teams.

Next Friday and Saturday the team members have been invited to participate in the inaugural New England Technology Trek (NETT) at the Deerfield NH Fairgrounds. This is an opportunity for the team to show off their accomplishments and do some additional fundraising. NETT is being held in conjunction with the New England Amateur Radio Festival (NEAR-Fest) during their spring hamfest on the Deerfield Fairgrounds. NEAR-Fest management has offered the Team a matching donation challenge, where for each dollar donated during the festival NEAR-Fest will match it. The NEAR-Fest staff feel it is likely that the Team could bring in over $1000.00, and maybe a great deal more.

NETT is open to the public and has FREE admission. Please stop by if you have the time. More information here.