THANK YOU to NEAR-Fest and NE{T}2 Attendees

Acton OM’s Balsa team raised $1,214.00 on Friday and Saturday May 4 & 5 at the New England Tech Trek (NET{T}2) and New England Amateur Radio Festival (NEAR-Fest) at the Deerfield NH Fairgrounds in Deerfield NH. Assisting in this effort was a matching challenge where the NEAR-Fest management challenged the team by offering to match every dollar donated up to $500.00. The team was quite successful, raising almost enough money over the two days to maximize the matching offer before closing ceremonies on Saturday afternoon. During the closing ceremonies NEAR-Fest founder and “benevolent dictator” Michael Crestohl (commonly known as MrMike) brought the team on stage, introduced them and challenged the people in attendance at the closing ceremonies to help the team collect the remaining money needed to max out the matching funds. The people in attendance, Amateur “Ham” radio operators and other electronic enthusiasts immediately responded, adding $259.00 to the team’s collection canister in 10 minutes! This more than made up the amount needed to maximize the match. Thank you to everyone who donated!

The team was then asked to provide someone to draw the door prizes at the closing ceremonies. These prizes are a very popular attraction at NEAR-Fest, with the grand prize valued at about $1,100.00. Team member Nina assisted in the drawing. See pictures and video from the event below.

Team members getting set up at their table at NET{T}2
Team awaiting the counting of the donations at closing ceremonies and Grand Prize drawing
Thank you MrMike for helping maximize our donations!

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