April 13 & 14 Fundraisers

The team had success with doughnut sales on Saturday, April 13 at Town Hall and Sunday, April 14 at the church by Town Hall. The team brought in $411.00 in doughnut sales and $85.00 in donations. THANK YOU to everyone who contributed!

The team is still collecting pledges for the school lock-in. The way this works is:

  1. All seven team members are participating. They will be staying (locked in) at the school for up to 24 hours. They are each allowed to bring one friend as long as the friend also seeks and obtains pledges.
  2. Pledge an hourly amount for a team member, team member’s friend, both or all! For example, for a pledge of $1.00 per hour, the total amount would be $24.00 for each person sponsored, assuming they stay for the full 24 hours.
  3. If you have not been able to catch up with a team member and would like to pledge, please email your pledge information to team@actonom.org and provide:
    1. Your name
    2. Your telephone number
    3. Number of team members you would like to pledge for
    4. The amount (per hour) you would like to pledge.
  4. Once the event is over we will contact you with the total of your pledged amount

Of course if you don’t want to pledge but want to make a donation you can do that via GoFundMe, cash at one of our upcoming events or sending a check to school with “Acton OM” in the memo field.

Thank you.